Gardening Supplies In Colorado Springs, CO

Grow And Showcase Your Plants Properly!



Ranging from your basic standard nursery pot, we have TONS of different sizes and types to make your seeding and transplanting as easy and affordable as possible! From 2" to 20 gallon, Rick's Garden Center has what you need to get going!

Decorative Pots

Decorative Pots

Malaysian, glazed, fluted, Roman or square- whatever type of decorative pot you're looking for Rick's Garden Center is sure to have something you'll love! We pride ourselves in not only helping you to grow your beautiful plants, we also love providing you with beautiful ways to show them off!

Fountains and Statuary

Fountains & Statuary

Gathered from all over the country, Rick's Garden Center has a wide selection of garden decoration and statuary that will make your yard look great. Fountains, statues and birdbaths are just a few of what we have here to help spice up your yard.

Tools and Garden Aids

The Right Tools

The Right Tools For Your Garden

Here at Rick's Garden Center, we know the right gardening tools can make all the difference in your gardening experience! With over thirty different types of hand tools you can rest assured that we have what you need to get the job done right, without the hassle of trying to make the wrong tool work.

Helpful Extras

We Have The Helpful Extras

If it's not required for gardening, but makes your life a lot easier... WE HAVE IT! From soaker hoses, watering help, plant labels, tree wrap, composters and tunnels- Rick's Garden Center has the little extras that make you work smarter, not harder!

Gifts & Misc.

Unique Gifts

Looking For A Silly, Unique Gift? We Have It!

If you're looking for something fun or goofy to give to someone, or yourself, we've got plenty of off the wall items that will make your day just to see! Frogs, flying pigs, and plants growing on volcanic rock are just a few options!


Rick's Garden Center Carries What?

Did you know that Rick's carries honey? That's not all we carry that you wouldn't expect, but we have plenty of things that just don't fit the mold of our garden center... almanacs, 2 stroke engine oil, and woven shopping bags ... Come in and browse at Rick's Garden Center!

Christmas Goods

Rick's features a seasonal Christmas Shop including fresh-cut and potted Christmas trees as well as the gamut of live wreaths, garland, and boughs. Visit our plant shop to find all the popular indoor house plants as well as seasonal plants such as Easter lilies and Christmas poinsettias.