Plants Are Our Way Of Life

Here at Rick’s, we live and breathe plants. We carry an increasingly diverse selection of high-quality plants available in Colorado. No matter your taste, we encourage you to browse our ever-changing inventory of annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs from the finest growers. Our selection is always curated to plants that thrive in our climate.
Our staff of Colorado professionals are ready to help, whether you are selecting new plants, or maintaining the ones you have. We want to assist you making the best choices about what to plant in your garden, as well as teach you how to cultivate your existing plants to their fullest potential. For specific care instructions, we encourage you to ask us for anything you might need for garden care.


We know you love top quality just as much as we do and our Trees and Shrubs are no exception. We have a team of people dedicated to finding the best product available around the state and country to bring you the finest the US has to offer.

Carrying all shapes and sizes, for the color lover we have beautiful blooming trees and shrubs, and for those that want a manicured yard all year long we carry evergreens that take to pruning exceptionally well. For everything in between, our team of professionals is happy to assist you in finding the best fit for you.


Want to plant a garden, a small container for your entry, or a grand display for your outdoor space and don’t know where to start? Let our knowledgeable team and talented employees make it simple and easy. We have a selection of impressive, high quality seasonal annuals and amazing colorful displays that will inspire fresh ideas.
Furthermore, Rick’s takes pride in offering a vast choice of quality perennials that will satisfy both the novice and the veteran gardener. Our dedicated perennial staff can take the fear out of gardening for the beginner gardener by suggesting easy care plants that come back year after year. For the seasoned gardener, we carry new and unusual perennials for a great addition to their garden oasis.
Our extensive selection of perennials can satisfy any garden need. City gardeners can find an extensive variety of shade plants that can be tucked in among shrubs and trees and used as ground covers. We also specialize in drought-tolerant plants such as perennial shrubs, and natives. Our vines will add another dimension to the garden by using vertical space. Be sure to pair one of our numerous varieties of clematis with a rose for a special flowering treat.
Whether you get your own hands dirty, or prefer to hire others to create your garden, Rick’s has the resources to satisfy all your needs.


We love growing fruits and veggies. We take every opportunity to grow new varieties, increasing our selection of fruits and vegetables to add to our plates and palates. Take a bite outta summer with our collection of easy-care edibles; fruits, berries, veggies and herbs, all poised to yield a bountiful harvest! Plant in the ground or in containers, for garden-to-table goodness at its best!


Cacti and succulents make excellent potted plants and we keep an incredible selection of species and sizes from which to choose. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to work with you in selecting the very best from our varieties; provide you with care instructions, repotting, and plant transfer guidelines; and identify the proper soil mix for best results and longest life of your succulents.


Beauty, air quality, and the relaxation that comes with having a house plant are all good reasons to visit us at Rick's Garden Center! Add that something special to any home or office, our expert staff at Rick's will work alongside you to pick out the very best house plant tailored to you and coach you on how best to take care of it too.